Philippines Adoption Adventure

We're adopting from the Philippines! And here on HicksHiking, we blog about adoption just like we blog about the rest of our life. But we created this page as an easy way for people who want to follow our adoption story from the beginning to 'read all about it.' 

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The community of people adopting from the Philippines is very small. It's hard to find information about the process and what others have gone through. We hope that this page serves as a resource for any of those people who might be searching.

And if you are going through this process, please feel free to reach out! We're happy to answer questions, share information about resources we used, or otherwise commiserate over this amazing--and sometimes overwhelming--process.

The entries are listed from most recent to oldest. To start the story from the beginning, start at the bottom!

Providence in the Wait (A Story of Kindness in Our Journey)

To My Sweet Girl On Her Birthday (Passing What is Hopefully our Last Birthday Apart) 

When The Going Gets Tough, Hit Your Knees (Because Sometimes, All You Can Do Is Pray)

"Ready," Set, Glitch (Getting Through the Post-Match Paperwork)

The Interminable Wait (The Looooong Process of Finally Getting a Match Approved)

The "Special Home Finding" Do-Over (Getting back into the Process after our Near-Miss)

Match, Interrupted (When we Hit a Major Bump in our Adoption Road)

ADOPTION 101: THE BREAKDOWN OF RESOURCES (for Military Spouse Magazine)

ADOPTION 101: THE HOMESTUDY PROCESS (for Military Spouse Magazine)

5 Things NOT to Say When a Military Couple Shares "We're Adopting" (for NextGen Milspouse)


It Doesn't Have to Be a Lonely Road (Finding Community on the Journey)

Waiting, One Year In (Updates on the Process)

Three Months In... (When we Started Talking to our Son About Adoption)

Why Adoption(Answering the Burning Question Everyone Asks)

Approved, Affirmed, and Absolutely Insane (Our ICAB Approval)

It's a Marathon... (ICAB's Request for Additional Information)

Approved at Last! (Getting our USCIS Approval)

Humble Gratitude (Getting our Dossier Submitted to ICAB)

First and Frustrations (Our Second Curve Ball, and it's My Fault)

Moving to Kansas, and a Social Worker Comes Calling (Our Home Study Visit)

STILL No News (The Harrowing Process of Psych Evaluations)

No News and Good News (Our First Curve Ball)

Adventures in Adoption (Starting the Process)


  1. Hi,

    We are french and we also wish to adopt from the Philippines.
    Last month, we have matched with a little boy ...
    I just wanted to animate you on this road! The adoption from the Philippines is so beautiful ...
    Take care,

    1. Anne-nissa,

      Congratulations! And thank you for dropping me a note. It's always encouraging to hear that other families are being matched! I wish you the best of luck with your new little one!


  2. hi. I'm just beginning this process and I also live in Houston. is there a way that I could get in touch with you with questions? I'm hoping that everything with finalizing your process is moving right along and that your little girl is home soon!

  3. Hi Adrienne! Congratulations on starting your own adoption journey! You can find me on FB or Twitter if you'd like to connect over social media. I'm happy to answer any questions about the process!