Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Waiting--One Year In

Amidst a great cosmic swirl of happenings (about which I will write more later), a milestone came and went without our noticing it. April 12 marked one year that we have been sitting on the Approved Families list for the Philippines, waiting to be matched with a child.

That we are still waiting is no big surprise to us; we anticipated two years on the waiting list, which means we are really only at the half-way mark at this point. And it's a year that flew by between deployments, another year of growing for Howie, and all the craziness my own work interjects into the mix. Still, at the back of our minds there's a yearning. 

Not an impatience, really, because there are plenty of reasons why later would be better for our family. No, this is more like a question, consistently being whispered in the quiet moments of our lives. When? When will we get the call? When will the stars align?

Like so much of our lives, this process is one of waiting. Like waiting for deployment to end, and waiting to finally live under one roof. But this is different. This is fundamentally changing the fabric of our family, of our lives, in the most profound way imaginable. It must happen on its own time, in its own way.

I have written before about how providence has guided our adoption process. It might be the greatest exercise in searching for God's will that Jake and I have ever undertaken, and sometimes it has been tremendously challenging. But through finding the right agencies, then a replacement agency, through scheduling and paperwork snafus and even some natural disasters, we have found our way to this point.

Now we are being faced with some new process-oriented decisions we hadn't anticipated. For now all I can say is that there are multiple avenues laid before us (not will we adopt, but rather how will we adopt), and we are searching again for the path of providence in knowing which way to go. 

Please pray for us, friends. Pray that we will have peace and patience as we continue our time on the waiting list, and that we will have wisdom to know how to proceed when the child meant for us finds his/her way to us.

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  1. Just out there looking online for any adoption news! I came upon your blog. I just wanted to say hi. We have been waiting almost 38 months now and I'm craving any news from anyone - our agency is very tight-lipped. It's just nice to know there are others out there waiting too! Hang in there...
    Lexington, KY