Thursday, September 15, 2016

Military Spouses--Take Care of You!

You know who is the absolute worst when it comes to self-care? This girl! Seriously, for all the times I've told friends to take care of themselves, I categorically ignore my own good advice. All the time. And you know what? It's not just me that suffers...
I don't have time for me... and so I'm stressed out and edgy with my husband and kids.
Next time, I'm sure I'll... except I never do, because when you're a wife/mom/insert-laundry-list-of-titles-for-a-military-spouse-here, there's always more to do. There's always a burner further back, and that's always where we shove ourselves.
But you know, it seems so selfish...except when I take care of me, I'm a better wife/mom/insert-laundry-list-of-titles-for-a-military-spouse-here, and I know it, and yet I always have excuses.
Military Spouses, it's time to call B.S. on all the excuses and carve out some time for a sanity check. And I know just the place to do it!

The Second Annual Military Spouse Wellness Summit is coming up October 17-22, and it's brought to you by InDependent, Corie Weathers, and Armed Forces Insurance.

This is a completely virtual summit, filled with great content from really incredible speakers, all geared toward giving spouses the tools to care for themselves, and for their marriages. Because, let's face it, all too often quality time with our spouses is right on the adjacent back burner to care for ourselves.

Reasons this event is awesome and absolutely for you?
1.   Participate in your PJs, on the go, in your office, while trying to wash the disgusting out of your spouse's PT gear, or waiting for your kids to finish whatever practice you're patiently enduring--it's virtual!!
2.    The Summit is on your schedule--watch what you want, when you want!
3.  There are prizes for participating, including a grand prize trip--an oceanfront getaway for two donated by the Military Benefits Association!

Here's the best part: if you purchase your VIP ticket before October 1 with code EARLYBIRD, your admission is just $15! (that's 44% off!). This ticket gets you access to downloadable interviews, a one-year membership to Thrive Market, access to the private Facebook Group for the event, and a chance to win our fantastic prizes!


So, who's in? Let's take some time to take care of ourselves, so we can help our marriages and families THRIVE.

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