Friday, March 8, 2013

M-m-m-my Chanchito!

Sometimes life's pick-me-ups can come to us in the most random ways...and apparently so can blog post titles. No idea where that came from.  Anyone else have My Sharona running in their heads right now? I digress...

A good friend of mine was recently in South America on a mission trip, and brought back some gifts for me (including the cute little guy pictured above). She gave them to me weeks ago, but the day after I saw her I commenced the crazy travel spree you read about in an earlier post. I forgot all about them until I started trying (somewhat successfully) to get my office organized.

This cute little critter is called a "Chanchito," and he's a little clay pig from Chile. Though the picture is big, the Chanchito is small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. Honestly, I didn't know much about him besides the fact that he's cute and came to me by way of a sweet friend. So I took to the interwebs to look him up. The Connecting Cultures Mobile Museum describes the Chanchito this way:
The three-legged pig is a good luck charm in Chile; the pig, despite its handicap, is able to stand and persevere.
When I read that, it made me smile probably the biggest smile of the entire week. Standing strong in adversity (or at least trying to)? Who knew I had anything in common with a little clay pig?? Then I realized that finding him now, in a week that has been especially challenging, was not random at all. I got the message this little pig was carrying me exactly when I needed it.

I now have the Chanchito sitting on my desk, right next to the monitor I stare at most of the day. I want him to remind me that though the life we are living right now feels very isolating, we are not really alone. People love us. People are thinking of us. People are praying for us. And it is hard, but we will get through it.

Ok Chanchito, let's do this!

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