Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Washington Attorney...Almost

So, amidst all the craziness this week (some of which I haven't written about yet because I lack the coherency, if this can be considered coherent), we did get one bit of good news--the State of Washington approved my application to the State Bar.  'Yay, I'm officially a Washington lawyer!' I thought to myself, with no small amount of relief given our possible relocation.  And, of course, along with the news came jokes from some (including Jake) about how I'm collecting licenses, which if true would mean I have only 46 to go!  

But then came the "requirements" email.  Hm. See, they don't just make someone a Washington attorney.  First, there is the matter of designating a registered agent in Washington. I have to have someone actually living there be my "drop box" for legal mail, which means finding someone willing to do it.  Then there's the matter of the oath.  They really want you to fly there.  But if you can't, all you have to do is cold-call judges until one agrees to swear you, then file a motion with the Washington Supreme Court getting that judge approved, then actually have that judge swear you.  Hm. Since we're unlikely to be headed west any time soon, I'm going with option B.

After those things are done, there's an education requirement: eight hours of education on Washington law.  Then there's a fee to be filed and THEN I can call myself a Washington lawyer.  And I thought the application was the tough part!  

Off to get it done one step at a time!

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